The town of Neró, with the volcano is the background


The town of Neró is one that leads to a unique life. Neró, a fair-sized coastal town on the southern tip of the continent of Adecca, has a unique history that has drawn many to it for ages. In the year 506, one of the volcanoes surrounding the city began to erupt. A group of brave druid went along to try to stop the eruption with their magic, as the volcano would surely have destroyed it. As the druids attempted their ritual, the crowd of fearful onlookers gathered around hesitantly. After many hours, the exhausted druids were about to finish their ritual, when the unstable ground at their feet gave way, and lead to them tumbling into the volcano.


Soon after, the volcano itself stopped the eruption process, and calmed down. The townsfolk took this as a sign that the gods wanted them to make sacrifices, and ever since they hold two rituals a year where they celebrate and appease the gods with more sacrifices. The volcano always becomes active every six months, and the townsfolk always aim to sate it's inhuman hunger. This has led to the Ritual of the Choosing. For a period of three weeks, two before the sacrifice and one after, a large celebration is held with in the city itself. People travel from all over Adecca to partake in these strange rituals. There are tournaments, food, entertainment, and anything else the heart can imagine. This festival is one of Neró's largest sources of income at this point in time, so every year they look to do larger and grander things. The one part of the ritual that is off limits to outsiders is the Choosing itself.


During the Choosing ritual, all of the townsfolk, save for a few guards, are lead to an area in the forest where a group of druids commune with nature and learn just what the gods are looking for this sacrifice. Every ritual involves a large circle of magic, which leads to the names of four citizens of Neró being chosen to be sacrificed. The four chosen ones are given a week to do just about anything they would like, besides leave the town, and then they are escorted to the volcano and casted away into it's fiery depths. The active volcano then falls dormant for another six months, where the process will repeat itself…


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