Ulgrim Stonehammer

The youngest member of the Stonehammer Clan, as well as an inspired Jewelcrafter


Being the youngest member of the Stonehammer Clan has lead to feeling inadequate in the eyes of his father. Having taken after his mother, who perished due to the sacrifices in NerĂ³, Ulgrim sought to become a master Jewelcrafter. His father, Khefrus Stonehammer, saw differently though, and wanted to teach Ulgrim how to be a blacksmith. When Ulgrim showed that he lacked the natural talents needed for such a craft, Khefrus blamed himself, and took it out on Ulgrim. This lead to Ulgrim seeking refuge by becoming closer to his brother, Ulfgar Stonehammer. The two grew even closer after their eldest brother, Brahn Stonehammer, left to join the military. Now, in the eyes of his father, Ulgrim is looked down upon, even though he tries his best to impress everyone around him.


At a young age, Ulgrim took an interest in Jewelcrafting, and with his mother’s aid quickly learned how to succeed in the trade. When his mother passed away though, Ulgrim was left with not a lot of options other than to learn how to be a blacksmith. He didn’t have the natural talents for this, however, and was viewed as a disappointment by his father, especially compared to his two older brothers. Ulgrim wishes to impress those around him, but he also wishes to follow his dreams, and continue his mother’s legacy. He will need to find some way around his father though, as Khefrus won’t allow any of this to happen…

Ulgrim Stonehammer

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