Ulfgar Stonehammer


A Dwarf Paladin played by Jade.


Having been raised in the country of Nero, Ulfgar had only ever heard stories from his forefathers homeland on the mainland, and the tales were of such magnificence that it sparked a sense of desire to travel and see the world. He would frequently practice with the eldest son, Brahn, in the art of battle whenever he had the chance, which was mostly whenever his was freed from his responsibility of helping with the forge. However, Ulfgar’s dream of leaving town to travel the world was cut short when his mother, Gwenlin, passed and Brahn left to join the Blanco army. With two of the family gone, it was left to him to assume the role of eldest son and watch over his two younger siblings, Myrva and Ulgrim. Naturally, for a period of time, this didn’t sit well and he frequently left to roam town, with only his own thoughts for company. During one of these outings he came across a rundown chapel. Here he met a man named Madven, whom surprised Ulfgar by not speaking of his religion or trying to convert him, as so many priests do.

Instead he showed him the importance of responsibility and how to protect others. And thus stuff happened on now he became a Paladin in honor of the priests memory and stuff.

Ulfgar Stonehammer

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