Khefrus Stonehammer

The head of the Stonehammer Clan within Neró, as well as a proud dwarf.


Khefrus is a very strict, albeit loving, individual who puts tradition and values over all else. He currently has four children; three sons and a daughter. His eldest son, Brahn Stonehammer, has joined the army and traveled far away from Neró. His second eldest child, Ulfgar, is his current pride and joy. After Brahn had left for the military, Khefrus had switched his hopes and dreams to Ulfgar’s shoulders, and wanted him to take over the shop once it was his time to lay down his hammer. Khefrus’ third child, Eleanor, is his only daughter. His plans for her involve her taking over the Jewelry shop of his late wife, Claudette. His fourth and last child, Ulgrim, is currently, in Khefrus’ opinion, letting down his family, and disgracing their honor. Khefrus wishes for Ulgrim to take up a blacksmith hammer, and possibly open up a shop in a foreign land, to extend the family business and increase the knowledge of the Stonehammer name. However, Ulgrim wishes to become a Jewelcrafter, just like his mother, and does not wish to learn how to operate a successful forge. This has led to Khefrus’ disappointment in him, and Khefrus makes this well known whenever he can.


Khefrus had always strived for the best for himself, as well as his family. At a young age, Khefrus fell in love with a young lass, Claudette Wildfang. The two grew closer, and eventually married. With Khefrus running the forge and Claudette the next-door jeweler, the two lived an extremely happy life. They began having children, and took great pride in their work. Before long, however, Khefrus’ world shattered around him, as him and his family heard his wife’s name called out at one of the bi-annual Choosings. The two spent as much time with each other and with their children as they could in the week given to them, but all good things come to an end. With a final farewell, Claudette was escorted to the volcano, while the rest of the Stonehammer family gathered to watch with the rest of the crowd. As Claudette was cast into the volcano with the three other chosen ones, there was a roar of applause through out the crowd. It was a great honor, after all, to die as a sacrifice to the gods. The applause was deafening, and nearly everyone made their contribution to the loud, exciting noise. Everyone except for the man who had lost his wife, and the children she had left behind. The other families were solemn as well, and Khefrus actually befriended the brother of one of the other sacrifices that day, at a later point. There, Khefrus developed a bond with Merarilian, an elven member of the guard. Their friendship began to exceed their other relationships, and soon the two were inseparable. With in two years though, another tragedy struck Khefrus, as the name of his friend was called out during the choosing. This time, refusing to live through the same turmoil as he had before, Khefrus chose to help Merarilian escape. The two schemed for most of the week, and when the time came, they attempted to get out of the city. Sinowrien Sinilélnar, who had learned of their plan through nefarious deeds, went to the guard and stopped the two from escaping. Merarilian was sacrificed, and Khefrus was furious. He began to grow hostile, and even though he accepted The Choosing, he resented it. Now, Khefrus holds all elves in contempt, and doesn’t enjoy dealing with their presence. He will do anything to ensure the safety of his sons and daughter, whether that means taking on this whole city, or even the whole world…

Khefrus Stonehammer

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