Brahn Stonehammer

A member of the army, and the eldest son of the Stonehammer clan.


Brahn is a very caring individual who has the utmost respect for the government and those who associate themselves with it. He currently serves in the military unit on the continent of Adecca. The army isn’t called upon a lot, but when it is called in, it means serious business. The rest of Brahn’s family is located in the southern city of Neró, the same place Brahn was born.


Having been born in Neró, Brahn was the first of Khefrus and Claudette Stonehammer’s children. He was raised as the son of a blacksmith, and had earned his father’s pride. Before long though, Brahn had learned of the world outside of Neró, and wanted to see the world. Khefrus on the other hand wanted Brahn to take over the shop one day,. When Khefrus learned of Brahn’s willingness to leave for the military, he was furious. This lead to an argument between the two that changed their relationship forever. Now, other than contact with his younger siblings, Brahn avoids Neró, and all of it’s inhabitants.

Brahn Stonehammer

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