Besac Totee

A young, crafty rogue who chose to help Nathzyne Abbylan when he learned of those from the High District wanting to wrongfully select her for the Choosing.


A Clever rogue with a quick-talking personality. Besac Totee always uses his wits over brawn, and almost never engages in conflict. A member of the criminal on-goings with in the town of NerĂ³, Besac makes by with little money. He cares about those close to him, however, and will do anything to protect them, even if that means endangering himself in the process. Besac values loyalty over all else, and will go to any means necessary to protect those that he cares about. Luckily for him, he doesn’t care about too many people. One of the most notable people in Besac’s life is Nathzyne Abbylan, who he has taken an attraction too. She is unaware of this, but Besac would do nearly anything for her. Nearly…


Besac didn’t have an average childhood. He was born in the High District of Nero, to a wealthy family. Besac realized that the high-maintenance life of being wealthy was not the life for him. Besac sought freedom, and chose to run away from his privileged life. He soon took to the criminal ways of thievery and pickpocketing. It was with this that he scrapped by for the latter half of his childhood. His family went looking for him, but Besac managed to remain hidden from them, up until they just gave up. He still communicates with his sister, Alleria Totee, but those meetings are few and far between. After becoming established with the local crime group in Nero, Besac met a few friends, and a potential romantic interest. Nathzyne Abbylan was the love of his life, and he would do anything for her. He even let himself get captured by the guard at one point, just to allow her to escape. She made him careless, but he took it in stride. Besac was a very crafty man, and there was rarely a problem that he couldn’t solve…

Besac Totee

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