• Besac Totee

    Besac Totee

    A young, crafty rogue who chose to help Nathzyne Abbylan when he learned of those from the High District wanting to wrongfully select her for the Choosing.
  • Brahn Stonehammer

    Brahn Stonehammer

    A member of the army, and the eldest son of the Stonehammer clan.
  • Gwenlin Stonehammer

    Gwenlin Stonehammer

    The wife of Khefrus Stonehammer, and mother to four children.
  • Khefrus Stonehammer

    Khefrus Stonehammer

    The head of the Stonehammer Clan within Neró, as well as a proud dwarf.
  • Lirriiad Sinilélnar

    Lirriiad Sinilélnar

    The wife of Sinowrien Sinilélnar
  • Myrva Stonehammer

    Myrva Stonehammer

    The only daughter of Khefrus and Gwenlyn Stonehammer, and sister to Ulfgar Stonehammer.
  • Sinowrien Sinilélnar

    Sinowrien Sinilélnar

    A wealthy elf who resides in the High District of Neró.
  • Ulgrim Stonehammer

    Ulgrim Stonehammer

    The youngest member of the Stonehammer Clan, as well as an inspired Jewelcrafter